Mirthis Moseley(non-registered)
SO much fun!!! My husband and I loved the experience, will definitely do it again another time. Such a calm and smooth ride!
Michael and Alaina Tellson(non-registered)
Great ride!
Kelly GARCIA(non-registered)
Absolute fun! Gorgeous atmosphere, and just the most fun staff. Thanks for everything.
Jessica Northup(non-registered)
I have lived in the Allen area my entire live and have seen these balloons flying over for years. I have always wanted to be the person up in the basket, finally it was my turn! My parents and our kids came and watched us take off, chased us the whole time and got to see us right as we landed, it was so much fun for them as well! It was the perfect way to celebrate my 40th birthday! I loved it so much and Brian made it such a fun and memorable experience for all of us.
Joe Rosenbaum(non-registered)
My wife and I chose to book a shared balloon flight for our anniversary about a month ago. Weather the night before was stormy, not at all placid and so the ride was cancelled. I am so glad we chose to reschedule and have our close friends join us for this incredible flight!

We all were incredibly pleased by the sights and the entire experience with Rohr Balloons. Brian Rohr is a pleasure to work with at every step from booking to touchdown, and the post-flight champagne ceremony is a wonderful commemoration of the trip.

Brian is an excellent pilot as well. His confidence really eased our nerves and allowed us to relax and enjoy the sights as we soared above North Texas at over 3000 ft. He also provided a few thrills, dipping below the tree line to surprise early morning runners and construction workers, or for a scenic photo above a fountain, shot by his diligent crew who follow the balloon in a chase vehicle the whole way. He explained much of the science and art of ballooning and entertained us during the flight as well as on the ground.

10/10, would definitely fly again!
Vanessa Grimes(non-registered)
Celebrating my sons 19th Birthday with the Rhor crew. Best decision I could have made. My son has Autism and needs a good group of people around him at outings.

Brian and his group excelled my expectations! The views on the ride are everything you expect and more. Great energy from the team from meeting initially with the group to the landing due to being organized and skilled.

Great group today, we couldn’t have started my sons 19th birthday off any better than this.
Julia Borges
Amazing experience, Brian made my 15th birthday a day to remember, I will definitely fly again in the future, thank you!
Robert Gollihugh(non-registered)
I took 5 months for my wife to finally get to do her birthday present due to coronavirus it was definitely worth it Rohr Balloons was the best Will be taking my hole family on this nothing like it your just floating in the air not one bump at all
June 12, 2020 was an amazing day! Taking a hot air balloon ride has been high on my bucket list since I was a kid. When Andrew surprised me with the flight, I was so excited. Just as I started to wrap my mind around the fact that I was really in a hot air balloon (with the most amazing man I have ever met), he popped the question. Oh my gosh!! Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt. The entire flight was wonderful. The staff was so great. I’m still grinning from it all! Thank you for making this such a special and memorable day!! This was all around an amazing experience!!
Donisha T Thompson(non-registered)
This was best present I could give to my husband. I loved this! It was an amazing experience
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